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tv   Headline News  RT  August 7, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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was. i. is in france the interior minister reveals two hundred seventy jihad is to return to the country while a much vaunted effort to tackle radicalize sation flounders. video appears online showing the arrest of a sixteen year old german girl who fled to join i saw its feet you risk getting the death penalty in iraq and more trouble in the house of trump now he says his national security advisers loyalties in question giving security clearance to a former top aide to president obama.
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there come to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international our top story this hour it's been revealed that around two hundred seventy jihadists have recently returned to france after fighting in iraq and syria some have been arrested and the courts are currently plowing through the cases of others the numbers being revealed by the french interior minister who also highlighted that the terror threat remains extremely high in the temp to rein in extremism in france had opened its first the radicalization center nearly a year ago but the facility has already hit the buffers to charlotte to penske now reports. it was billed as francis spoke with just modest this was the country's first radicalization center when it opened last year . was here. this is rehab for
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extremists once inside psychologists say it will provide therapy and counselors will teach students about this isn't ship. i am. i overheard. that if no small thing this center should be located somewhere much less populated there is a school just eight hundred meters away but mission of separate i don't think it's an intelligent move to put the ridiculous zation center next to a nuclear power station it's terrifying and i'm against it. they're trying to fix the problem but it's about a kilometer away from the nuclear plant. but it still leads to sedition. they have only been interrogated by police. he was already told that evidently there wouldn't be any violent people but there would be only those who are the early stages of predicate ization. but just months
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later the shutters down so when did it go wrong. at a cost of two point five million us pay year knowing that people were treated none finished the course one resident from the center was even a rested for having links to those behind the paris tax. and fifty one leave from his rehabilitation and since february not a single person is being here the deed radicalised they should so did this friendship the money. it is a complete fiasco everything is to be rethought everything is to be reconstructed according to people. to me putting it to me yes i would say this is a fiasco. money spent this way is
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a waste there are so many other things to do but to spend it on radicalized people know there are other associations and other centers to spend money on. this could not have turned out well if it is organized this way just letting people in and convincing them to think the other way or to see differently there are four or five people at once this is too expensive for the residents say. that the center it's closed because it's nothing but. i was against this center from the beginning and i am happy to is now closed this center should not have been here there is a nuclear plant near here so i think the location was inappropriate as it is quite close to the town to the kids this is too close to houses and not very secure and were not properly informed we did not receive any information many people sold their houses because of this center a complete failure that's how many people are describing this project and many and
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now left wondering if france has a concrete solution to the estimated fifteen thousand citizens who have been in this country. to me since france. or terrorism expert it's not enough to isolate jihadists from the community and preach it. french this time on this issue got it wrong. you know we talk about what it was going to be radicalizing and where france mr thomas was really removing individuals who were shot over in a remote part of france or. part of france and preach to them there are successes that the states of france missed that. came to this issue of trying to deal radicalize. and help help those individuals who've been drawn towards
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terrorist activity very you know just just by taking me away from the community. and just preaching to them i think this has been the right approach and i think this is why in the end of the became. the third. meanwhile video has emerged of the moment a radicalized teenage german girl was arrested in iraq and paraded through mosul sixteen year old linda venza was seized just over a fortnight ago along with other female isis supporters is now fit though she risks the death penalty let's go live to our europe correspondent people all over pay to get often in she just take us through then what was in that video. well this latest video seems to show sixteen year old linda ventile of originally from a town just to the northeast of dresden in the east of germany here she's being paraded through the city of mosul she seems to be in a state of distress and certainly winces when. captors torture on on one of her
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arms suggesting that she has been wounded there has been other reports that she's wounded as well this has been something of what's being touted as a walk of shame as they took prisoners from mosul as it was captured from isis to a detention facility what we know about her so far she's sixteen years old she's a german national she went off to joy in the islamic state after being radicalized online we understand now she currently says that she regrets joining isis in the first place and wants to return to germany certainly public opinion in her hometown would suggest that they want to see her return and face justice here in germany the speech in which the girl is sixteen got into this mess at fourteen fourteen and a half via the internet so whatever i think she should return everyone has the right to make a mistake and everyone should get their second chance. if you look at the case of
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linda it's clear that young people in our country are not capable of defending themselves. because of a lack of education this is led to a situation or a fifteen year old girl who is ready to fight in a so-called who will. well she currently remains in detention in iraq where she's facing questioning over just what she was doing. in the town of mosul and what a relationship to the islamic state was she does potentially face the death penalty if it's decided that she took part in isis attacks in was a full blown member of the group as it were but the german authorities are working round the clock to try and. get her back here to face questioning again now it's worth noting that she would face a ten per potentially a lengthy prison term if she was found guilty by german authorities of having fought for isis or even having killed for the organization what she did though
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during her time in. the thrall in the in the presence of isis is understood to be that she was part of the morality police going around making sure that women were suitably dressed just how far those negotiations are going along though between the germans and the iraqis isn't known at the moment that this case of of lynn there is it's just one of hundreds of germans who it's understood by the security services went off to fight for their isis or joy in isis over the over the years and these do include a number of women and young girls who went off to war with the express hope of becoming jihadi brides it now seems though that it's going to be a a diplomatic battle between iraq and germany over where seventeen year old she said about to turn seventy five upon the end of this month seventeen year old or soon to be seventeen year old linda ventile will stand trial and where she may face what
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we'll see almost certainly be a lengthy prison term ok thanks peter that was our europe correspondent peter all of. a brutal massacre in a village in northern afghanistan is thought to have killed at least forty people including children. the province's governor says the attack took place after the village was captured by an unknown group of militants including foreign fighters they are suspected of being a mix of taliban and deisel insurgents elsewhere scores of other afghan civilians also including many children are in search of shelter in the east of the country also being caught up in the taliban are still and u.s. airstrikes some of being describing their own. islamic state groups brutally attack civilians and the afghanistan national army
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then foreign forces came to the battlefield then the us dropped the mother of all bombs on the village what is left is ruins. does a lot of what has come up you should be sure to. get it isis militants slaughtered our own call saying he was a spy who fled since the threaten to kill us the next day. islamic state militants slaughtered our five cars and some front of us they could have come and killed us any time too so we left our hold. first isis attacked our village then came american air strikes now we don't have
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anything everything is destroyed. while fighting has intensified in afghanistan this year with the taliban stepping up its attacks international relations professor jamal wakim says that's because the u.s. airstrikes have proven to be ineffective in countering the root cause of the violence i believe that the syrians are the primary victims of the war going on in afghanistan and for the world isis. and other protest groups in afghanistan. no. consideration to human lives. for the united states which claims that it respects human rights. rights to promote democracy less about human lives especially when it comes to an
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un-american and human lives it's not easy to wipe out these groups you need to work again on the grass roots of the problem fighting radical wow. now the latest major reshuffle among donald trump's top team has seen a series of sackings among his national security aides but even the man in charge of the dismissed it was in the firing line over what might have driven his decisions his kind of. general mcmaster national security advisor to donald trump his loyalty to the president is supposed to be a default quality except now instead it's widely in question mcmaster made a decision to allow susan rice his predecessor in the job and long time obama ally to keep full access to classified information. the national security council will continue to work with you to ensure the appropriate security clearance
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documentation remains on file to allow you access to classified information. this revelation emerged just weeks after it was revealed that susan rice had been unmasking members of the trump team who happened to be mentioned in classified intelligence reports by default the names are redacted but susan rice had been making sure that the names and information was readily available to anyone with a clearance to see classified government documents and potentially leak this information to the media susan rice's actions were flagged by as i recall one watt mic a member of the trumpet administration since january apparently his revelation struck the wrong chord with mcmaster who has now dismissed him and it appears that's how it works with the general if he doesn't like you you go these people laid the very foundation of trump's foreign policy promises as a candidate we've been moving from one wrecked was intervention to another kid libya syria iraq iran this destructive cycle bad decisions we
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cannot be the policeman of the world now that most of those who shape trumps foreign policy have gone we have this my attitude toward syria and assad has changed very much and i don't order a tall good new jersey straight or if you. will handle both here we're going to be able to handle it will be it will be handled trump they have come to washington promising that you would drain the swamp that's proving to be pretty difficult especially when you're already neck deep in it table artsy new york according to reports the security clearance given to susan rice was a regular procedure issued for every living former presidential adviser rice says she's never requested the identities of trump's team members be revealed for political purposes well former u.s. congressman michael flanagan thinks the mcmaster is pushing a different us foreign policy strategy than the president and that's what's putting
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his future as. the national security advisor at risk i think general mcmaster views his own views of the national security the united states his job and the foreign policy of this noted stays as superior to that of the president just like master was a mistake he's going to go back to his whatever is that he will even take over as commanding general in afghanistan but a uniform back. and he will be replaced with someone who can actually execute the trump administration's foreign policy goals. now bahrain's most prominent human rights campaign a faces another conviction for tweeting but this time it's a foreign war we'll explain why after the break.
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seems wrong. just don't. get to see. this day. and in detroit equals betrayal. when someone find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the feeling of. every the world. that you get on the old old. old according to josh.
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hello again i have all the signs you would expect to see in a butcher's window one saying how killing animals is violent and unjust must come as a surprise to customers but a shop in california has agreed to display it in activists rallied outside for months conducting aggressive and gruesome stunts. i think the only problem could be in the virtual line or somebody. come up behind not finding out why that is utterly. as well as forcing the owner to display the anti meat sign in the shop demonstrators from the group direct actions everywhere and demanding it become a vegan butchery los not exactly clear what that means they also want the right to carry out animal rights demonstrations that twice
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a year group spokesperson matt johnson explains their mission as with the successful social movements throughout history when we when we do these public demonstrations we are intending to dramatize an issue and get an issue on the table because we feel like it's an issue that we are inevitably going to win when it is discussed on a wide enough scale we know that we are on the side of of justice we are on the side of compassion and nonviolence we know that people don't actually want to support violence towards animals and it's only because we we live in a society that that that normalize it so much that it is allowed to persist we intend to make berkeley california the united states leader on animal rights issues we intend to liberate the city of berkeley by banning all violence towards animals by twenty twenty five in effect banning meat in berkeley as part of a broader plan to pass a constitutional amendment for animal rights and non-human discrimination that's pervasive in our society while the shop belongs to monaco and her husband and the
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family says it's their rights which is being abused when a kid describes the activists is extremists carrying out ethical extortion of us by the california comedian jeff kline the protests were a form of extortion because essentially they were saying. do this for us or we won't stop harassing you so yeah that is expression it's kind of like how the mafia used to say pay us for protection or we're going to destroy your shot that's kind of feels protesters chose a small butcher shop because it's a smaller target so they feel like they could have a bigger impact a smaller shop would be easier for them to extort than a big farm or a big factory if they chose mcdonald's there's a chance that mcdonald's lawyers may get involved and ultimately these people are their kind of just children who are scared of consequences so they'll only do something if they feel like it's going to work out. leading bahraini human rights
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activists to be able to jab is facing up to fifteen years in prison for tweeting about the war in yemen the job is the co-founder of the bahrain center for human rights and has been in and out of prison for criticizing the bahraini government for jobs being described as the unofficial leader of the opposition in bahrain where a muslim shia majority has been protesting against the sunni more nikki for years. oh i. was. well as we said in the bill has been in and out of prison five times in the last five years he was put behind bars in two thousand and twelve for two years and then shortly after his release he was again arrested and imprisoned although for
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a short period and then in january twenty fifteen he was jailed again for six months but was seen released on bail although in the following spring he was arrested again but pardoned after a month he was then arrested last summer and handed it to year sentence after a trial last small. well each time he's been accused of spreading false information about the state and they include spreading fake news about the saudi led coalition's involvement in the conflict in yemen and for insulting and undermining the priest the bahrain the bahrain center for human rights is currently appealing for for jobs immediate release and for the charges to be dropped. too many people remain. somebody talking about being a voice for voiceless people that are just tuning. in to people. cannot see the typical system that give was nation based on doing or based on the
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political background just all something wrong there's not. a person. they cannot see people people don't just. well we spoke with the senior advocate for the bahrain center for human rights and she said that bahrain doesn't respect free speech or international law. the court heard this morning and we are waiting for the court to release that this is. we feared that she would be sentence four more years the according to the bahraini. charge for more than fifteen years behind the government has not displayed any respect for international law for freedom of expression so we believe is going to be sentenced today we are very disappointed by the fact that many western states including like the closer to. home like the u.k. and the u.s.
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have not reacted appropriately. to the prosecution. and saw that tension now because no appropriate reaction has been taken by western states as well. in other news the fate of a missing workers in the flooded dinon mine in far east russia remains unknown as rescuers are now tapping pipelines to make a sound in the hope that the trapped miners will hear it and respond and help to locate the emergency crews last managed to bring a miner to the surface on friday bringing the total so far saved to one hundred and forty three. it was really sheer misery of had spent nearly twenty four hours underground before being reached he heard a phone ringing and followed the sound he then managed to call and let rescuers know his location elysia has been describing his ordeal.
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yours was good i was shift started certainly the lights went out. we got windy and misty out of nowhere a massive wave hit me i swallowed salt water i couldn't breathe. the water was cold and dirty and it was my chest there were obstacles pipes boards and all the rubbish. i had to move with my leg badly injured and it was difficult of course but what can i do i wanted to live. like i was a boy my leg was trapped the pipes were bending because of the water pressure i had
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to try and get my leg out without breaking it i got lucky. and i looked for any way to be rescued was a phone was my only hope however all the phones were destroyed. the french president is facing a barrage of criticism over plans to create an official first lady role for his wife spied on your macron having banned lawmakers from employing their will in france the president's wife does not have an official status in place a courtesy role according to the plan though would have our own office a number of staff and also security guards but a particular bone of contention is the idea of allocating a separate budget for the president we talked to a french publisher and journalist he says the president is becoming un french and is copying. american counterpart mr mock or less decision could be
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a real big mistake the main reason for that is that he thinks as an american little signs of tooken moves are piling up to prove that mr mccraw is more and more out of touch with fresh realities when becoming a prism and for instance he chanted the french in the mass years with a hand on his heart like he probably saw on american movies but this kind of religious pious attitude is complete and french an explanation for this love of america that he has been supported like french felipe by the way by the young leaders program of the french american foundation whose aim is to strengthen the links between france and the us you're watching r.t. thanks for being with us this afternoon i'll be back at the top of the hour.
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the environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is syria was exceptionally sick. the wonder. years old industrial giants reap the benefit. by chemical production. as if these people are. just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed.
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for. the war against freedom of speech continues in you guessed it r.t. again is being targeted also has russia given up on trying and will anything stop the leaks in washington.


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